Janice's passion lies within the city - the space, the people, and the clothes they wear, particularly in a transnational, migrational, and post-colonial context. She also has an interdisciplinary interest in modern and contemporary spatial design, fashion theory, global history, photography and museology. She looks at how visuality and tactility in a designed space affect senses and behaviour, how cityscapes change psychology, and how these effects are in turn reflected in social phenomena at large. 

Prior to finding her way in design history, she studied food and nutritional sciences, and still concerns herself with the topics of food and nutrition security, biotechnology in food production, and sustainable food systems. Having a rare combination of background, she endeavours to push discourse forward through an interdisciplinary approach in research, writing, curating, and design. 

Outside of academia, she has more than three years' experience working in a public museum/private gallery setting, in both collections and exhibitions, and enjoys telling stories through archival images and artefacts.