Project 40 Vlog Series: Museum Conversations

As part of the Monthly Takeover series of Project 40, a Toronto-based Asian Canadian Arts collective, Janice hosted Museum Conversations to explore topics on museums, galleries, and heritage sites in an Asian Canadian context.


Episode 1

Janice reflects on her journey in contact with Asian Canadian history in academic research, museum, and heritage work thus far.

Episode 2

Janice talks to Natalie - painter, print-maker, florist, budding modern and contemporary art specialist - in this episode about her experience and thoughts on being an Asian artist and curatorial staff in Canada, and simply, Asian Canadian.

Episode 3

Janice brings her audience to Richmond Museum's exhibition, Open for Business, where the curator of exhibition, Sheila Hill, shares with her her experience and insights on having a Canadian city museum in a immigrant-rich city.

Episode 4

The curator of exhibition from Richmond Museum, Sheila Hill, spoke with Janice again at the Steveston Museum and the Japanese Fishermen’s Benevolent Society.

Episode 5

Prof. Tineke Hellwig and Eleanor Munk, director and Marketing & Event Coordinator from Pacific Canada Heritage Centre - Museum of Migration Society generously share with Janice their vision and insights on their exciting project of building a new museum of migration for Canada West.